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Immersion silver PCBs

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Immersion silver PCBs

Postby jim » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:55 am

Immersion silver PCBs advantage
Immersion Silver would seem to have a bright future.
It is easy to apply to the boards, relatively inexpensive, and usually performs well.

Immersion Silver coating aim
To prevent tarnishing, the processes have included an anti-tarnish as an ingredient within the silver bath or applied in a subsequent step.

Immersion Silver manufacturing process
Current testing is looking for methods to provide complete coverage on the walls of through holes and into blind vias (holes of various sizes and depths that don't completely penetrate multi-layer boards).

Other process concerns are the possible inclusion of voids in the solder joint, and better thickness uniformity per part.

Some manufacturers have complained about issues with corrosion of the copper surface near holes. If severe enough, this could lead to shorts (thus failure of the board).
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