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HASL PCB is manufacturing circuits with HASL PCB surface finish.

HTD Group is Leading HASL Printed Circuit Board Industry

PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are the latest development in the world of electronic circuit devices. At HTD Circuits, you can get a variety of these printed circuit boards at reasonable prices for your product design requirements. These things are required for other areas of technology at an increasing rate today. For example we find the use of PCBs in wireless and hands-free communication systems, GPS devices, mobile handsets, atomic colliders, weather mapping technology and other research work. Thus, given its wide area of application and increasing demands, mass production PCB has become inevitable.

This is why HTD Circuits has set up a factory in China and is clearly set to be a leader in the field in Asia. HTD has a 1000+ strong workforce that is highly skilled in PCB production. However, this PCB production is done keeping the stringent quality control and only the brand’s superior quality material is used to ensure customer satisfaction. These PCBs are completely delivered within the customer’s deadline and also within the budget specified.

HTD Circuits now provides you the opportunity of PCB online quote. This means you can try a free sample and quote your price online without breaking into a sweat!

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