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High Frequency PCB become more and more popular

Why We Need High Frequency PCB?

The increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates, and thus higher transmission frequencies. Because of short pulse rise times in electronic components, it has also become necessary for high frequency (HF) technology to view conductor widths as an electronic component.

The Working Theory of The High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB become more and more popularDepending on various parameters, HF signals are reflected on circuit board, meaning that the impedance (dynamic resistance) varies with respect to the sending component. To prevent such capacitive effects, all parameters must be exactly specified, and implemented with the highest level of process control.

High Frequency PCB Use Area

High Frequency boards used in application which employ high frequencies, Antenna boards, Transmitters, Receivers, high speed switches etc.

The material of High Frequency PCB

The material with high frequency characteristic are ISOLA 680, Rogers 4003c/4320, Arlon 25N, Taconic , Teflon and so on.

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