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How China PCB manufacturer treatment the bat warping PCB issue?

The good PCB supplier has a good final inspection of flatness

If you have chosen a good PCB supplier, the quality guarantee is necessary.
Due to not every one PCB plant can provide 100% final flatness inspection.
Most important is that the bat warping can affect PCB performance.
That's the reason why we should avoid this issue.
So this paper will focus discuss how China PCB manufacturer treatment the bat warping PCB issue?

Most PCB manufacturers Use the oven to bake bat warping

HTDcircuits experts told us that all warping PCB boards should take out.
Usually the worker will pick out those warping PCB into the oven.
Then the oven will be set back under pressure, and the temperature can be get 150 degrees Celsius.
The last step is cool the PCB board in nature under pressure.
The cooling step can use 3-6 hours finish.

Take roof-floor bat in PCB flatness Check

Then we should check those warping PCB boards after the oven process.
Difference PCB manufacturers have a difference final inspection method.
In HTDcircuits plant, take roof-floor bat in metal core PCB flatness check.
Due to this PCB, check method can save part board.
Even some of the PCB board may be two to three times the baked pressures to leveling.

Consider warping scrapped during PCB manufacturing

Most of time the warping issue can handle.
And there were some special machine can be use warping PCB board.
Even those methods can help you handle most warping issue.
Also consider warping scrapped during PCB manufacturing.
If more involved with the technological measures to prevent warping of practice, not baked pressure also useless part board, can only be scrapped.How China PCB manufacturer treatment the bat warping PCB issue? Mail to for additional questions.

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