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How to cooling hot air leveling PCB in assembly process?

HASL is short for hot air leveling PCB.

If you have visited a HASL PCB manufacturer, you will know that the temperature is the biggest problem should handle.
Because the temperature can be 250 degrees during soldering assembly.
So this paper will discuss the solution use by most HASL PCB manufacturers.

The first method use by HASL PCB manufacturers

We have known HASL PCB have high temperature during soldering process.
Usual the PCB assembly line worker will put the board on the marble or steel flat.
In order to natural cooling and make cleaning after processor.
This cooling method is the most simple, also the most widely used.

The second cooling method of HASL PCB manufacturing

You know some of HASL PCB manufacturers want to improve surface brightness.
The worker will put the soldering PCB board through cold water.
This is the most fast cooling method, but also must consider the warping change.
Because difference temperature has difference mechanical performance.
That's the reason why some big PCB manufacturer uses a special cooling machine.
This type sealing machine allows to mount on the bed for cooling air flotation.How to cooling hot air leveling PCB in assembly process? mail to to learn more.

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