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HTD Gorup provide flexible printed circuit(or named flexible boards) and Flexible PCBs.
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HTD Circuits is one of the leading manufacturers of PCB circuits in the Asian market, and its factory in China has a 1000+ strong workforce that designs and produces the highest quality printed circuit boards as suits your requirements and budget. HTD Circuits has brought to you a wide range of PCBs including multi-layer PCBs, aluminum PCBs and even flexible PCB boards.

These flexible PCB boards can be twisted and bent at your will to fit into the most complex device of your choice very easily. Apart from their functionality, care is also taken of their aesthetics of design, so that the product meets the standards of the customer. Apart from this, the board costs are kept to a bare minimum so that the customer can pay as less as he can for the circuit boards.

You can check out our online product showroom for the complete details of the wide range of flexible PCB manufacturer done by HTD circuits. Some of the varieties are: Flexible PCB 11, Flexible PCB 9, Flexible PCB 6, Flexible PCB 12, Flexible PCB 8, Flexible PCB 7, Flexible PCB 5, Flexible PCB 4 and Flexible PCB 3.

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