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This post topic is PCB fabrication.
You know the PCB fabrication is very complex process.
Even PCB fabrication is complex than the circuit board design process.

So this this post we are going to discuss about PCB fabrication.
This post mainly discusses about the PCB fabrication of the outer layers section.

The outer layers of our multilayer consist of sheets of glass cloth pre-impregnated with uncured epoxy resin (prepreg) and a thin copper foil.
This is related to a few factors to the outer layers of PCB during to fabrication process.
First is the multilayer PCB have outer layer.
So the single layer or two layers (sometimes also called double layer PCB) didn't have outer layer.

And the second is the outer layer PCB consist of.
Or we can discuss about the made from material.
One kind of material is copper.

Last but not least one factor.
It's the PCB fabrication experience.
HTD Group has over 10 years PCB fabrication experience.
So our PCB fabrication is leading china quick turn market.

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