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HTD's PCB expert introduce Multilayer PCB manufacturing

This post will discuss multilayer PCB about five parts below:
You should know definition of multilayer PCBs
Why we need design multilayer PCBs?
Multilayer PCB manufacturing process very complex
History of the multilayer PCB manufacturing
Use area of the Multilayer PCB manufacturing

You should know definition of multilayer PCBs

Printed circuit board with four or more circuit line is called multilayer pcbs or multi-layer printed circuit board.

Why we need design multilayer PCBs?

The quick development of electronics has high requirement to printed circuit board, which single sided or double sided
printed circuit board cannot reach, thus, multilayer pcbs were designed.

Multilayer PCB manufacturing process very complex

Production of multilayer inner graphics in place first, and then made single-sided or double-sided substrate etching printed and included in the specified layer, and then by heat, pressure and be bonded, as to the subsequent drilling is the same and double-sided plated through hole method.

History of the multilayer PCB manufacturing

These basic methods of production and construction method dating back to the 1960s, not much changed, but with the materials and process technologies (for example: lamination bonding technique to solve drilling, glue residue, the provement of the film) become more mature, the accompanying even more diversification to the characteristics of the multilayer.

Use area of the Multilayer PCB manufacturing

Mutilayer PCB are widely used in high technology project such as computer,industrial control,telecommunication, power supply,digital products, medical, automobile, aerospace and so on.

Multilayer PCB manufacturing process very complexMultilayer pcbs (4 layer)
FR4 1.60mm board thickness
1OZ finish copper
Immerson Gold finish
Min track/space: 8mil
Min hole size: 0.23mm
Green Solder Mask
Outline: Routing

Multilayer PCB manufacturing process introduceMutilayer Printed Circuit Board (6 Layer)
FR4 2.00mm board thickness
1OZ base copper thickness
Immersion Gold surface treatment
Min line/width: 10mil
Min Hole size: 0.27mm
Complicated Routing Outline.

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