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New PCB guys really don't know the circuit board definition

This post topic is the circuit board.
In fact we have shared the printed circuit board's definition.
But some new PCB guys really don't know the circuit board definition.
So today we are going to discuss about circuit board.

What is a circuit board?  
A PCB is a thin board made of fiberglass or a similar material. 
Electrical wires are “printed” onto the board, connecting the central processor to other components on the board. 

Some examples of PCBs include motherboards, RAM chips, and network interface cards.
This also the sample computer include.
In fact most of electro product includes the PCB or circuit board.

Printed circuit boards are sometimes abbreviated as “PC boards,” which is fitting, since the boards are commonly used in personal computers. 
This point we have mentioned in the past article.
If you have the interest in PC boards, Please go back to read.

However, PCBs are also found in other types of electronic devices, such as radios, televisions, and computer monitors and so on.
Because PCBs are relatively flat, they can also be used in thin devices such as laptops and portable music players.
This also why so many China PCB manufacturers.

New PCB guys really don't know the circuit board definition

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