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HTD Group has a annual build capacity of over 1.8 million M² making us the perfect choice for medium and mass multilayer PCB production orders.  

We can successfully handle production orders on 2 layers all the up to 12 layers (multilayer circuit boards showroom ).

And since all work is done in-house, HTD has the ability to offer flexible lead times, inventory management and build-to-order options. 

Moreover, HTD provides PCBA and laser cut stencils and component sourcing as value added services. These services give our clients the ability to more easily manage production schedules and supply chains.

Below are some satisfied clients who trust us to manage their production schedules and orders: 

HTD Group circuits customers

HTD Provide Faster & Higher Quality multilayer circuits. Get Your PCB Price Today!

Multilayer PCBs generally start from a base of 2 layers and can be stacked up to as many as 100 layers. However, for practical purposes, 8 to 10 layers do just fine. Still, at HTD Circuits, you can get your multilayer circuits tailored up to a maximum of 12 layers! Each layer is then stacked in doubles, with an insulating layer in between them, called a "via".

Multilayer PCBsfind their usage in supercomputers. Some of their application areas include GPS technology, atomic accelerators, satellite technology, weather mapping, cell phones, transmission equipment, medical and laboratory diagnostic equipments and hand-held devices. Multilayer circuit boards are, as it can be very well understood from the broad spectrum of their usage, indispensible for the world of electronic gadgets today.

At HTD Circuits, we prepare multilayer circuits by using the best quality ‘vias’ between the several layers of double-circuits, so that the multilayer circuit boards are provided the maximum insulation. Apart from these, we keep our eyes on other parameters like hole diameters, internal layer holes that trace distance and thickness of the board. All these ensure a better quality PCB.

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