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PCBA is short for printed circuit board assembly - Quick turn PCB 104

This post topic is PCBA.
You know the PCB is short for printed circuit board.
If you have read our HTD circuits shared articles.
You may know the PCB manufacturing process is really very complex.

But what about the PCBA definition.
Is it related to the PCB making process or not?
So those questions may you ask when sees this topic.

In fact PCBA is related to the PCB.
And PCBA is short for printed circuit board assembly.
So most new PCB guys look two definitions at the same.
But it's not a very big problem.

Jim wants to show you the information about the PCBA.
First you must know the PCBA is appear them.
Or what is the situation may people use PCBA?
In fact the China PCB industry has many guys use this word.

So the next thing is assembly techniques.
There are a variety of soldering techniques used to attach components to a PCB. 
During to the PCB assembly process also very complex.

High volume production is usually done with SMT placement machine and bulk wave soldering or reflow ovens.
So in some word, the high techniques also the factor to ensure PCBA has good performance.
PCBA is short for printed circuit board assembly

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