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Privacy Policy

HTD Group Circuits provides many benefits to our customers that require the sharing of private information from our customers. HTD Group takes every precaution to maintain security measures for our customers.

How do we protect your privacy?

We use security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system.

All of our information is stored on a secured server. Please check our cerfitication Your information is stored for your convenience. We periodically send e-mail to you with helpful information about HTD Group Circuits, your My Account and updates to this website. Any information shared with partners will comply with HTD Group’s Privacy Policy.

How can you opt-out of our e-mail list?

Every e-mail we send to you contains an easy, automated way to opt-out or stop receiving e-mail from us. If you wish to do this, simply follow the instructions at the end of any e-mail sent through this system.

However, please make sure to allow our transactional e-mails if you plan to order from us in the future. Otherwise, important order information or questions with your files will not be sent to you. The transmission of unsolicited commercial e-mail is expressly forbidden from our site.

If you have received unwanted, unsolicited e-mail sent from HTD Group Circuits, via this system or purporting to be sent via this system, please use our contact us page and inform us immediately so we can further investigate.

International Trade in Arms Regulations

HTD Group has no control over, or knowledge of, your particular use of its printed circuit boards and other products.  By ordering or purchasing products from HTD Group, you agree to comply with HTD Group's privacy policy, and all applicable China export control laws and regulations, including without limitation ITAR. Without limiting the foregoing, you agree that you will not transfer any export-controlled item to any foreign persons without the authority of an export license, agreement, or applicable exemption or exception, from proper government authorities.

If you are engaged in the business of either exporting or manufacturing defense articles or furnishing defense services, you represent and warrant to HTD Group that you are registered with the proper government authorities in accordance with ITAR and other applicable laws. You will be liable for all liabilities and expenses associated with your compliance and non-compliance with this paragraph, and you agree to indemnify HTD Group from all costs and expenses associated with third party claims arising out of your non-compliance.

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