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Promotion Terms and conditions

If you didn't have read our weekly promotion flyer.Please click here: PCB promotion

Terms and conditions:


 This is a weekly promotion PCB.

So the promotion can be canceled anytime.

If you want to order our promotion, please order as soon as possible.

2, HTD standard

Board specifications outside HTD standard not quality.

This means your order must under our requirement.

3, Credit amount

credit amount depends on production order size.

4, Credit range

credit range from $150.00-$10,000

Up to $10,000 in discounts on qualified orders.

5, Delivery

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

6, Explanation

We reserve all the right for the final explanation.

Anything about this promotion PCB, Please contact us quickly.

HTD Group is a PCB manufacturer from China. We produce many kinds of multi circuit boards.

If you want order our PCB prototype promotion,Please click circuit boards quote Or Mail /Tel to us.


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