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Simple tips about the judge advanced circuits - Quick turn PCB 105

This post topic is advanced circuits.
You know the circuit is means PCB or printed circuit board.
If you have read our HTD circuits shared articles.
You must know that the circuit board quality related to many factors.

But all tips related to circuit board quality not this post aim.
We aim to introduce the advanced circuits.

If you are a PCB experience joy.
You may know there was a PCB manufacture named advanced circuits.
But this also not this post discusses issue.

In fact Jim wants to show you the judgement of the advanced circuits.
You know judge a PCB good or bad not very easy.
Even you are an experience PCB maker.
You may also research long time.
Then determine which PCB is good or bad.

The experience is a very important factor for judge advanced circuits.
But if you are a new PCB guy, this factor may you don't want to see.
So what can new PCB worker judge advanced circuits?

During to new PCB guy may don't know much PCB technology.
So Jim just shows the simple tips about the judge advanced circuits.

First is the first scene you see the PCBs.
If you just think the PCB is so so.
I think most of the time this PCB is really just so so.

And the second of the factor is the packaging of the PCBs.
You know the advanced circuits are very special product.
So the packaging also must very special.
If you just see the PCB not have packaging.
Jim thinks this PCB supply may just low degree level.

Simple tips about the judge advanced circuits - Quick turn PCB 103

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