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The Best Quality High TG PCB: Brought To You by HTD Circuits China

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are the latest generation of electronic technology that has taken the market by storm. These are aimed at creating multiple opportunities for multitasking by a single circuit board (or multiple ones stacked together) that finds use in various sectors of industries such as:

Radio communications

Mobile technology

Weather mapping

GPS technology

Space satellites

Refrigeration industry and a host of other areas.

As it can be clearly seen, printed circuit boards are the defining factors of the new-age industrial manufacturing and HTD circuits of China has earned the distinction of being one of the most distinguished PCB board manufacturers in the whole of South-East Asia.

High TG PCBs are sometimes commissioned by some high-end industrial players for sophisticated instrument manufacturing. This is because these are very expensive and require high technical expertise to manufacture. But why need high TG PCBs at all?

PCBs are often exposed to increasing thermal pressure, being exposed to prolonged operating hours and high load of work by the device. A good PCB must be able to withstand such pressure, under the kind as normal PCBs will melt away. In normal conditions, the flammability of a PCB is V-0 (UL 94 V-0). This means that under high workload and subsequent high temperature, the PCB board material will melt away and a mass of rubbery substance will only be left behind. It is here that high TG PCBs come to the rescue. TG means glass transition temperature. This is a numerical value at which a matrix made of resin transforms itself from a glass-like brittle texture to a flexible, elastic-like capable-of-being-pulled kind of consistency. All substrates have a higher TG value beyond which, if the substrate is heated, will undergo decomposition and delamination.

Conventionally, when the TG value is beyond 170° C, it qualifies as a high TG substrate. However, it must be kept in mind that high TG circuit boards operate within the temperature range 170-180° C. for this purpose, an FR4 board is used. For higher working temperatures i.e., say, beyond 200°C, it is advisable to select ceramic boards that can withstand temperatures up to 880°C.

High TG PCB find extensive use in the LED lighting industry as the heat dissipated by an LED bulb is much greater than any other ordinary electronic gadget and the gadget runs a high risk of getting fused with prolonged use. High TG materials have superior mechanical strength, moisture absorption, dimensional stability, thermal expansion and decomposition and better adhesion power over ordinary PCB boards.

HTD Circuits has the expertise of producing the most superior quality of high TG PCBs, at the customer’s convenient price.The Best Quality High TG PCB: Brought To You by HTD Circuits China, mail to for additional info.

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