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The China PCB price relationship with the PCB materials

This article we will discuss the PCB materials.
You know the materials of PCB have many kinds.
But the kindness of the PCB material is not this article topic.

We want to discuss the price relationship with the PCB materials.
You know the PCB price is depend on the material of PCBs.
But if you use the same material,may the PCB also very different.

Base Material price depends on the tolerance range and the quality.
You know the high precision means more expensive.

Such as the supplier made the same Base Material tolerance within + / - 0.05.
But the limitation of customer thickness tolerance is required more high degree.
We have to choose a batch of tolerance range is within + / - 0.025 range to do board, 
This situation means the price is more expensive than the usual price 50% the left and right sides.

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