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HASL Finish

HASL is  Hot Air Solder Leveling.
The 63/37 tin lead solder has been the industry-standard since the inception of the original circuit board. 

If lead-free is not a concern, HASL is a very cost effective, reliable surface finish utilized in the manufacturing of  PCBs

The HASL process can add stress to high layer circuit boards which can cause long-term reliability issues. This added stress, along with uneven solder height on dense SMT or BGA pads, are good reasons to replace HASL. 

Inevitably, tighter design criteria, advancing technologies, and/or environmental legislation will force the replacement of HASL. 

There are lead free alloys which can replace the conventional 63Sn / 37Pb solder in this process, but there are still capability limitations that exist within this process.

 PCB surface finish list:

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